Meet The Team


Rusty Webb

SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer - SSI Pro ID #96012

Rusty left his job as an electronic technician to pursue a career teaching freediving full time. He has drawn on his previous years competing in boxing and brazillian jui jitsu, which have many transferable skills to freediving. Specifically the mental side of freediving is very similar to martial arts. Staying calm in a high stress situation and making very precise and technical decisions whilst dealing with an element of danger. Freediving is a very mental sport and achieving this flow state is paramount to your success. Specialising in teaching relaxation techniques that allow you to unlock new layers of relaxation and the finer details of equalisation.

Growing up in Brookton a small town in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia. A lover of the ocean, his freediving journey began on school holidays shore diving the south west coast of WA. Once moving to Perth progressed to diving at Rottnest, Ningaloo and holidays to the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

He completed his instructor course whilst living for around a year in Dahab, Egypt. This mecca of freediving is home to some of the best schools, instructors & freedivers on the planet!

Teaching and training in Dahab, Christmas Island, Apnea Bali and now here in Perth he has gained experience from some of the best freedivers and instructors possible! 

A deep diver, spearo and avid underwater photographer he is able to personalise your course to suit whatever avenue you choose to take with your freediving journey!




Sasha Guest

Sasha is a freediving instructor from the Philippines and South Africa. Sasha was introduced to freediving at an early age by her spearfisherman father when she lived in Papua New Guinea. She spent most of her childhood in the water either swimming or snorkeling. In 2019, Sasha took her first formal freediving course and was immediately hooked. Since then she has come back to train in Dahab, Egypt many times. Sasha loves training depth and particularly enjoys training Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF). Beyond line diving, Sasha also enjoys  freediving to be able to enjoy marine life without bubbles and scuba equipment. She is particularly passionate sharks and has been fortunate enough to have freedived with a range of species from small reef sharks to huge tiger sharks!

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