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Rusty Freediving

Private Courses & Coaching

Private Courses & Coaching

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Include course date, phone number and email at checkout to ensure we can process your booking!


Please contact us via Phone, Text or Email to book!





Flexible dates & times to suit your schedule!

Level 1 (20m)

Private $800

2-3 People $650 each

4-8 People $600 each


Level 2 (30m)

Private $1000

2-3 People $900 each

4-8 People $800 each




Session time: 2hrs

Cost: $150 (1 Person)

            $100 each (2 people +)

Whether you want to complete unfinished requirements from your freediving course or train to be more comfortable at deeper depths this is the perfect opportunity!

 Our SSI Freediving Instructor will supervise all dives and provide training exercises such as; Dry Apnea, Equalisation and Mental Training for you to practice before your next session!

We will also implement a diaphragm & intercostal muscle stretching program to increase your lung capacity, hold your breath longer, equalise deeper and feel more comfortable & relaxed.



Max depth at this site is 20m



Want to dive deeper than 20m?

Whilst we are limited to a depth of 20m at this site we can train using exhale dives (advanced diver only) for excellent depth adaptations. This is ideal if you would like to do condition your body and mind for deeper dives whether that be spearfishing or an upcoming depth training holiday!




🔸This is NOT a substitute for a freediving course. You must have attended a freediving course previously(it’s ok if you didn’t pass the course!)

🔸Complete and sign medical & liability forms 




*All bookings are final.

**Can reschedule dates if more than 1 weeks notice to course start date is given.

***Cancellations less than 1 weeks notice to course start date result in loss of deposit.

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