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SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course

SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course

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LOCATION - Amed, Bali

Our all inclusive Freediving Instructor Course takes place at a purpose built freediving centre that includes:

  • Classroom
  • 25m Pool
  • Accomodation
  • Restaurant 
  • Ammenities 

Set on a stunning stretch of black sand beach, Jemeluk Bay is located at the heart of Amed, a segment of the Island's east coast reputed for its authenticity and quietness. As a result of its calm, clear waters and flourishing coral reefs it is also considered to be one of the best freediving locations on the island with up to 50m depth available just a short swim from the shore!

The view over Jemeluk's tiny bay with impressive Mount Agung in the background is an iconic image of Bali.

The Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC)

Is aimed at Freedivers with a high level of Freediving ability and experience who are ready to take it to the next level and become a Freediving professional.

The FITC teaches already competent freedivers the most effective ways to instruct others and pass freediving knowledge on to new divers. During the course, you will learn to individualize your students and their motivation in order to approach everyone with the teaching style that will work best for them.

This is not a relaxing holiday or a training camp. This is an intense program that will empower you to lead with confidence, patience, teach professionally and transform vour life!

During your FITC you will receive a series of practical and theoretical sessions under the guidance of your Instructor Trainer to increase your knowledge and presentation skills along with in-water sessions to show you the techniques needed to deliver professional freediving courses.

You will learn how to present each topic accurately, interestingly, and memorably, to best ensure your students success and enjoyment in the process. You will focus on safety in the water, while guiding your students to develop their skills comfortably and efficiently. You will train your eye to identify and correct students mistakes as they happen, so as to avoid building bad habits and to gain the most progress from their time in the water.

Supported by the SSI teaching system, manuals and instructor kit you will work through each aspect of the instructor course. Participating in seminars and workshops to build confidence as a teacher and you will learn all aspects of freediving from technical skills, legal aspects, business, education and travel.

If you are considering a future career in freediving then this is the qualification that you need to have to deliver the best possible freediving courses to your students!


  • Level 1 Instructor
    • Min age 18yrs old
    • SSI Level 2 (or equivalent from a recognised training agency)
  • Level 2 Instructor
    • Min age 18yrs old
    • SSI Level 3 (or equivalent from a recognised training agency)



Pass all academic, pool & open water presentation evaluations

Pass final exam 90%

  • Level 1 Instructor
    • Blackout rescue 15m + 50m tow
    • Blackout rescue (1min hang) 15m
    • DYNB 60m
    • STA 3:00
    • CWT 30m
    • 5×15m 1min rests
    • Surface swim (unassisted) 400m in under 15 mins
    • Surface swim (mask/fins/snorkel) 800m in under 15 mins
    • Tread water 15mins
  • Level 2 Instructor
    • Blackout rescue 20m + 50m tow
    • Blackout rescue (1min hang) 20m
    • DYNB 85m
    •   STA 4:00 min
    •   CWT 40m
    •   5×20m 1min rests
    • Surface swim (unassisted) 400m in under 15 mins
    • Surface swim (mask/fins/snorkel) 800m in under 15mins
    • Tread water 15mins



$2400 Includes:

  • Accomodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Freediving Instructor Kit
  • Certification Fees



($500 deposit to secure booking)

Please contact us to schedule a course if there are no dates listed!


*All bookings are final.

**Can reschedule dates if more than 1 weeks notice to course start date is given.

***Cancellations less than 1 weeks notice to course start date result in loss of deposit.

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